Anti-Human Trafficking Prayer Conference Call 2/26/12 8-9pm

Greetings fellow prayer warriors!
Our monthly Anti-Human Trafficking Prayer Conference Call will be held on 2/26/12 from 8-9pm.

832-551-5100 passcode 236521

The purpose of meeting once a month on this conference call is twofold:

1. To bring awareness of how sex-trafficking functions in various regions by highlighting the similarities between local expressions and global trends as well as noting the differences. This injustice is found at the ends of the earth as well as in our own backyards. As much as it would be easier for us to comprehend a single path into slavery or a single “slave trade route” the trends in modern-day slavery make this impossible.

2. To simply get together to pray. When we become aware, it drives us to prayer!

Matthew 18:19-20
Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

“Prayer must be at the center of our activism…” – Lou Engle

This conference call is based on information form Exodus Cry’s”City In Focus”. Exodus Cry is focusing on cities grouped into regions. The purpose for this is so specific systems of trafficking can be targeted in prayer. The cities selected for each region are hubs for varying reasons. The hope is to see God break in with light and justice on entire systems of sex trafficking.

February’s “City in Focus” is Nairobi, Kenya (region: Horn of Africa). Learn more about this city.

I have decided to give some facts about the Horn of Africa (including Nairobi, Kenya). These facts are attributing to the devastation of Human Trafficking in this region. Of course we will be led by the Holy Spirit. This is just to guide us. Even if you don’t decide to join us in prayer, these will help guide you in your personal prayer time.

The Horn of Africa:

1. Poverty, poor education, unemployment and HIV/AIDS.

2. The massive immigration crises due to the fact that they cannot effectively control or track the flow of people across borders.

3. Food and water crisis ( largest drought this region has experienced in 60 years)

4. The radical Somali Muslim organization al-Shaabab. In keeping with implementing the rules and values of the Koran, they have rejected outright any influence from Western powers including intervention by aid organizations. In November, al-Shaabab raided the offices of many prominent aid organizations (including World Vision) in southern Somalia and cut off all aid including food and medical supplies critical to the survival of 160,000 children.

5.The climate and culture of gender equality.

6.The network of Human Trafficking consists of representatives and allies of every agency and aspect of transportation, including politicians,senior police officers, Non Governmental Organizations, senior immigration officials, airline officers and resettlement officials in surrounding countries.

7. Places like Mombassa, Kenya has become a sex-tourism hot spot.

8. Many refugees seeking asylum in nearby Yemen travel the Ethiopa-Dijibouti trucking corridor only to be swept up into the sex trade by organized criminal activity.

Specific to Nairobi, Kenya

1. Population density people escaped here due to famine in Somalia

2. Political instability- rife with internecine conflict

3. Eastleigh Estates- an international business hub littered with money transfer organizations and travel agencies. It is an invasion of crime that sweeps vulnerable women and children out of the pastoral hinterlands, into hope of food and work that major metropolitan areas provide and often into slavery. This promise of a job and a life to many such vagrants is the perfect context for fraudulent employment agencies.

5. Massage parlors and strip clubs is a growing trend among Nairobi’s wealthiest.

6.Globalization- some areas thrive but usually at the expense of others. As impoverished and vulnerable masses are drawn into modern day slavery, more specifically into sex trafficking. The elite wealthy class engage in prostitution but by the more civilized monikers of “escorts” and “dating services”.

Thank you for your time and prayers!

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