Anti-Human Trafficking Prayer Conference Call 3/18/12 8-9pm

Dear fellow prayer warriors.

The next prayer conference call will be held Sunday March 18th from 8-9pm.
                               832-551-5100 passcode 236521
We will continue to agree in prayer with Exodus Cry. The focus is still on the Horn of Africa.  The City in Focus for March is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Here are some facts to guide your prayers:
  1. Due to the advanced economic development there has been an increase in child prostitution.  It has earned the nickname of “The Thailand of Africa
  2. Merkato acts as a door, a bus station; an entry point.  Women and children from all over Ethiopia come to Addis Ababa and their first stop is the long distance bus stop in the Merkato district.  Here is where they arrive, and here is where they are sold night after night.
  3. Feudal propriety for decades in the 20th century permitted lords to take advantage-sometimes sexually-of the wives and children of a serf.  This foundation stone of abuse has never been fully replaced.
  4.  Prostitution has been a well-respected vocation in Etiopia since the Middle Ages.
  5. Prostitution has grown with urbanization and flourished when Addis Ababa was established as the capital.  As recently as 1990, a full 7% of the adult female population in Addis Ababa was involved in prostitution, with thousands of children also involved.
  6. Many young girls are sent because of the household service industry.  Often parents living in rural areas will take the gamble in hopes that their daughter will acquire new skills that will enable her to support them.  The recruitment industry rarely delivers to willing recruits what was promised.  Her buyer at times turns her out on the streets where the rapacious prostitution awaits her.
  7. The streets are viscious.  Largely a prostituted woman is at the thin mercy of a buyer’s capacity for violence. It is not unheard of for a woman, if she will not lower her standard rate or agree to some deviant service for a buyer, to be taken to a hotel by a buyer’s cohort where she is gang raped.
  8. Some women are recruited directly int prostitution by bars and clubs.  The task of initiating young girls into their new lot often is taken up by the bar owners themselves.  It is rare for a rape to be reported and the rapist prosecuted will typically be released on bail or the charges dropped altogether.
Thanks once again for joining me in prayer!

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