June Monthly Conference Call Reminder

Boston Prayer and Action Network

Reminder June Conference Call

Tuesday June 26th from 8-9pm
Conference Dial-in Number: (949) 812-4500
Access Code: 188618#

City In Focus: Kathmandu, Nepal


Pray that God would raise up righteous legislation that would increase the conviction of traffickers in Nepal.

Pray for a moral revolution among sex buyers in Kathmandu that would dry up the demand for prostitution.

Ask God to raise up recovery homes in Kathmandu that would help restore victims and allow them to re-enter society.

Pray against the poverty that makes the girls vulnerable to having their family members sell them in order to survive

Pray for protection of the open borders making it easy to traffick so many

Picture courtesy of Rachael Robichaux- the necklace is a symbol of their being wedded to a goddess

Please pray against India’s  Illegal religious system  that fuels their booming sex trade.  Behind a nation being rapidly developed and globalized lies a society where religion,superstition, and old traditions still validate sex trafficking.  Traditionally the Davidasi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devadasi

were highly respected girls who dedicated themselves to the Goddess Yallammi.  However, over time prostitution became part of their vocation and is now forced upon them.  Their families think if they get a female she becomes an liability.  They want a solution to turn their liablilty into an asset. Today’s horrifying result is a system that exploits religious belief to turn children into sex slaves.    The Devadasi practice is now illegal in India.   Despite these laws, the Devadasi tradition and the stigmatization that goes along with it continue to flourish in India.

Pray against these deceptions and false Gods.

Pray that these girls have a revelation of Jesus and the love of their only true Savior!

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