Soul Cry

Soul Cry Premieres January 11th -Human Trafficking Awareness Day

It is a story that will break your heart, yet it is a story that will inspire you with the courage of one woman who chose to fight back, for herself, for her children. It is a story of heartbreak yet it is a story of hope.  It is Soul Cry and it is more than a production, it is a movement of people just like you, who are refusing to let this criminal monster stay in the shadows.


Tickets are $15 on-line, $20 at the door.  To order, go to: and click on the SoulCry! button.

Local Dancers

If you are in the greater Troy, NY area and are a dancer between the ages of 12 – 28 and would like to be in this production, auditions will be held on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 in the Little Meader Theater at Russell Sage College.  E-mail for the registration form.

Community Leaders

If you would like to organize a group to come to either the January 11th or January 12th presentations of SoulCry at a discounted rate of $10/ticket, please e-mail us at

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