Learn and Be inspired!

An Invitation To Join GBPAN

Learn and be inspired from others!
Hear Jennie share God’s heart For justice.

Human Trafficking Awareness Event

February 23, 2013

from 1pm-4pm

by First Baptist Church of Cambridge
5 Magazine St.

Featured Speaker:

 Beatrice Fernando:Survivor, Author of In Contempt of Fate and Founder of Nivasa Foundation

Beatrice Fernando was born and raised in Sri Lanka. At age 23 she found herself divorced and living at home with herparents while raising her 3 year old son. Desperate to support her son on her own, Beatrice answered an ad for a local agency looking to employ housemaids overseas and she took a job in Lebanon.  After being enslaved in Lebanon she nowshares her story and has founded Nivasa Foundation to help others.

Guest Speakers:

Barbara Larkin Anderson Executive Directive of All Hands In 
All Hands In works in the Greater Boston area in the area of human trafficking.  A ministry of Trinity Baptist in Arlington, MA.  They provide presentations on the issue of human trafficking to bring educational of this issue into the community,churches and organizations.

Jennie Fournier Founder and Director of Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network

Jennie will share God’s heart for justice.  She will share some of her own journey and explain how the church is called to be the answer.

AB Women’s Ministries and AB Girls of MA Conference
Church and Community

Beyond the Church Doors

Theme Scripture:
Matthew 5:46-48
If you love only those who love you, what good is that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much.  If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that.  But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.

March 9, 2013

Family Development Center at the Grotonwood Camp and Conference Center
167 Prescott St.

Featured Speaker:

Rev. Brenda Lammie is the Associate Pastor of the Greater New Life Christian Center in Indian Orchard, MA as well as Program Director at the New Life Center for Recovery/Covenant House. She also has a Master of Social Work. Covenant House provides housing and programs to women striving to stay sober.

Guest Speaker:

Rev. June Cooper is the Executive Director of the City Mission Society of Boston. City Mission Society of Boston is a social justice organization that unites communities and transforms individuals through service, education and advocacy. Its programs help youth and adults achieve their full potential while providing opportunities for communities and congregations to engage in social action and change.


Human Trafficking

Jennie Fournier is the Director of the Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network. The Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network’s mission is to mobilize people of the Greater Boston area for prayer and action against human trafficking and related injustices. They desire to create and promote opportunities to pray together, bring awareness of injustices, and to motivate all Christians into action.


Sara Mitchell is a Community Advocate at Starlight Ministries/Emmanuel Gospel Center. Starlight Ministries’ mission is to equip and empower individuals and churches to build life-transforming relationships with those struggling with homelessness.

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