The Life Light

John 1:4-5

What came into existence was Life, and the Life was Light to live by. The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.











One thing I enjoy doing is to take pictures of nature. You can see God’s beauty in all of it!  Lately, I have been realizing that more and more.  He created ALL things. Ecclesiastes 3:11 (The Message) says   True, God made everything beautiful in itself and in its time – but he’s left us in the dark, so we can never know what God is up to, whether he’s coming or going. Even the things (or people for that matter) may not look beautiful, but God created it all.  We must wait for the time of His completion.  Sometimes that may seem easier with nature than people. But God is always transforming us.

As I bring awareness of injustice to the Church, and work with others on the front lines seeing beauty sometimes can be difficult.  God is stirring up his people to shine His light.  Before that happens, the darkness surfaces. A friend of mine compared the Church to a plant.  As you know, plants have deep delicate roots. God has to first expose the roots of the plant (representing His church) before He can transplant it to a bigger pot.  We must be extra careful with the roots when transplanting.  Too much light can destroy it.  We must be extra sensitive to the roots.

When we talk about sexual abuse, domestic violence, addictions or all the other oppressions associated with human trafficking, sometimes people want to run back into the darkness to protect their roots (or root issues).  We know that the plant can not grow if it is not transplanted.  It cannot be transplanted, or grow without exposing the roots. We (the church) must also expose the roots.  We must talk about difficult sensitive things in order for the church to grow and blossom.  We must be sensitive to the roots in the process.  God WILL make ALL things beautiful in it’s time.  We may not understand the whole process.  We just have to trust Him who does.

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