Identity Theft

Our identity in Christ is key to walking out our destiny. Many times when we are moving forward , walking through the process of healing, becoming more like Him, we change in different ways. This can affect our relationships. Sometimes those closest to us, do not know this “new person”, and say things and/or treat us like we haven’t changed at all.  Sometimes, we are not showing outwardly the change due to fear of rejection.  We can be afraid that if we show the change, we will lose those closest to us. Sometimes that in fact is what is necessary ( at least for a time). In fact, many times those who we would think know us the best, are the very ones that don’t seem to know us at all. Most of the time it is because we haven’t been vulnerable enough to let them. I want to share a story on how I learned to let go of the identity, and titles others may have given me. I am and will always be a work in progress. We need to understand this in order to walk in His identity, and His destiny for our lives.

Quite a few years ago, I attended an event my church had every year. It was called the Holy Spirit weekend. As part of the weekend, I remember they had a chart up on the big screen. It had the negative things we can believe about ourselves, with scripture to nullify that belief. We were to declare God’s word against any negative thoughts and mindsets. I remember the scripture Romans 8:1 Therefore there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus. When I tried to open my mouth to say those words it was as if I went mute. I could not even say the words.

A few years later, I attended another Holy Spirit weekend, and they had the same exercise. This time however, I said Romans 8:1 loud and strong. I felt God showing me that He had healed me. However, I was in a dark place. I felt as if my daughters were saying things opposite of just that. I felt as if I was still in the place of allowing others to verbally abuse me. At the end of the conference, they had people who would pray with you if you wanted so I went over to the corner where they were praying for emotional healing.

There was a line, and two people were praying. I remember wanting the young man who did worship because I enjoyed his worship time. But, instead I got the young lady who was with him. God had a plan. When I told her what was bothering me, the first thing she said to me was “You are a good mother”. I was shocked because I didn’t understand how she knew I didn’t think I was. She told me that she grew up with a single mother who took care of her, and explained that because God had been healing me, the enemy was trying to use the mouths of my children against me. I understood the scripture Ephesians 6:12.  At that moment, I forgave my girls, and felt free of any condemnation. I am happy to say that my daughters do not speak negative words over me anymore.

Not only did that moment free me, but it gave me discernment for the future. Since then, there have been times when those closest to me have said things to me that I felt were opposite of God’s identity for me. Now, I look back at that moment, and know it simply is a plot of the enemy to obstruct the destiny He has on my life. Now, I am not saying that we don’t listen to people when they are trying to correct our wrongs, or to question authority in any way. I am saying that we need to go to the Father when negative words or accusations come our way. Let us pray:

Lord, give us wisdom and discernment when we hear negative words and false accusations come our way. Teach us to be humble in our wisdom. We forgive all those who may have hurt us knowingly or unknowingly (Luke 23:34). Forgive us when we have done this to others as well. We declare your identity to be released in us. We trust in you, not men (Psalm 146).  We declare your destiny to come forth. In Jesus name, Amen

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