How Do I Get Involved?

Here are just a few suggestions!  Be creative with your own ideas!


  •  Educate yourself- Become aware
  •  Spread what you have learned to others
  •  Start a book club on injustices
  •  Host a documentary
  •  Start a Bible study on justice issue
  •  Get involved in political implementation


  •  Pray for those affected by abuse and/or exploitation
  • Join us as we pray for root causes and consequences of abuse and/or exploitation
  • Agree in prayer with Exodus Cry, IJM, Aglow or other Anti Trafficking Ministries
  • Learn what transformative prayer is, how to pray for those dealing with PTSD, and inner healing
  • Understand the importance of Spiritual Renewal through Inner Healing
  • Organize a prayer walk or a night of prayer


  •   Be a mentor/tutor
  •   Join/ Volunteer with local Anti-Human Trafficking ministries
  •   Purchase products free of slave labor
  •   Go on a mission trip
  •   Give to an organization/ministry
  •   Advocate for just laws 
  • Walk beside the vulnerable with compassion

email  with your questions or ideas.  She would love to hear them.  We need each other!

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