Pray and Act Project

A collaborative partnership between LegacyMakers International (501c3) and Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network (GBPAN)

Vision Statement: A collaborative partnership to create learning communities that become missional communities.

Mission Statement: To train short-term and long-term caregivers in the art of transformative prayer and crisis intervention for those who have survived abuse and/or exploitation.

To support through transformative prayer and crisis intervention those who have been the victims of various types of abuse (psychological, physical, spiritual, socio-economic, sexual) and /or exploitation.

Description: Even with our technological and social advancements in the 21st century, we live in a nation and world rampant with abuse, exploitation and victimization. Whether it’s psychological, physical, spiritual, socio-economic, or sexual abuse, it particularly targets the most vulnerable—women, children and the poor and often results in homelessness and displacement, human trafficking, family breakdown, trauma, stress and a variety of other societal ills. How is God calling us to respond to those within our communities dealing with these personal crises? He is calling us to pray and act. When we pray for and with others, God not only brings healing and restoration, he often empowers us to further intervene on their behalf. When prayer and action meets a crisis, history proves that it results in a life, a community, and even a nation transformed.

Who Can Join These Trainings?
These is no prerequisite or credentials that one needs to join these trainings, except a love for people—particularly women, children and the poor—who have been the victims of abuse and exploitation; a heart for prayer; and a strong passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

Although these online trainings primarily focus on giving short-term and long-term caregivers the tools they need to pray and act, the ultimate intention is that through these trainings, community development work, local and international missions projects, and humanitarian efforts would be initiated, informed, supported and/or sustained.

When Do These Trainings Begin?
The first module kicks off this Fall 2016 and continues to Summer 2017. All of the courses begin at 1:00PM (EST), unless otherwise noted. Please check your corresponding time zone.

Who or What Do the Funds Raised for These Trainings Benefit?
The funds will benefit the ongoing work of LegacyMakers International Ministries and Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network. A percentage of the funds will also be allocated to a missions trip planned for Fall 2017 to the Red Light District of Mumbai, India—one of the largest centers of human trafficking in India, where children as young as five and under are

Except for the first workshop that kicks off on November 19, 2016, all the subsequent workshops are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month @ 1:00PM (EST), until June 10, 2017.

The Art of Transformative Prayer – Saturday, November 19 @ 1PM (EST)
What is transformative prayer? Transformative prayer are prayers that are prayed with or for individuals that bring about personal healing and transformation that, in turn, affect transformation in the individual’s family and/or community. This workshop will teach the prayer facilitator how to operate in the gift of discernment, create a safe space, help the survivor tell their story, promote the healing of past memories, engage in prophetic intercession (calling persons into their true identity in Christ) and assist individuals to envision a new future through life coaching.

The Basics of Human Trafficking & Exploitation – Saturday, December 10 @ 1PM (EST)
The first step in understanding our role to help end injustices such as human trafficking is to understand the basics. In this workshop, caregivers will learn what human trafficking and/or exploitation is, the different types, and what it looks like in different places, the systems that spawn human trafficking, and ways to intervene to break the vicious cycle of abuse and exploitation. The goal is that caregivers will be empowered, equipped and motivated to take the necessary steps to help those affected by human trafficking and exploitation.

Supporting Others through Change and Transition – Saturday, January 14 @ 1PM (EST)
Whether it is homelessness, divorce, relocation, or leaving a situation of abuse and exploitation, change—even good change—often creates trauma, stress, fear, depression, anger and potentially new crises. Change and transition means that one has to leave the familiar and live in the “new normal,” which often requires new coping skills or survival mechanisms. This workshop will teach first responders and caregivers effective crisis intervention strategies and transformative prayer engagement that will empower survivors to manage their new crises and challenges in such a way that they are able to respond rather than merely react in their “new normal,” and begin to view their crises as opportunities for growth and transformation.

What Does the Bible Say about Human Trafficking and What Has God Called Us to Do – Saturday, February 11 @ 1PM (EST)
Understanding what the Bible says about injustices such as human trafficking helps us understand the importance of being a part of the solution. Through discovering the examples of human trafficking and exploitation in scripture and what biblical history says, we will be able to witness God’s actions and what he commanded his people to do to confront a serious problem that was prevalent even within their community. Together we will learn how God has called the Church of the 21st century to be part of the solution to end injustices. We will be able to take next steps in assessing our communities in order to help bring transformation to individuals that leads to the transformation of communities and nations.

Resolving Conflicts at Times of Crisis – Saturday, March 11 @ 1PM (EST)
Conflict is inevitable, especially during times of crisis. Rather than bring people closer, the crisis can potentially tear new and even long-standing relationships apart. Conflict in and of itself is not a bad thing, as conflict can create opportunities for the deepening of relationships and for people to work together in surprisingly meaningful ways. It really is how we deal with conflict that determines whether it is constructive vs. destructive conflict. In this workshop, caregivers will discover the tools needed to teach survivors how to not only resolve conflict constructively but to turn conflict into opportunities for meaningful interaction and collaboration.

How to Pray to End Human Trafficking – Saturday, April 8 @ 1PM (EST)
Together we will learn about some root causes of human trafficking and how to pray for all those affected by it. We will understand what is happening behind the scenes in order to reveal the truth, so that our prayers are targeted and informed, i.e., shining light upon the darkness. By a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities and brokenness in our world that help to spawn human trafficking and exploitation, we can speak freedom, justice, victory, restoration and redemption to all the key players (buyers, vulnerable population, traffickers). We will learn strategic forms of prayer and understand the different ways we can come together in Jesus’ name.

Helping Survivors Cope with Grief & Loss – Saturday, May 13 @ 1PM (EST)
When one experiences the physical death of a loved one, it can also mean the psychological, emotional, social and spiritual “death” of the survivor. In this workshop, we will give short-term and long-term caregivers the invaluable tools needed to support survivors in moving forward through the grief process into renewal. We will address the effects of grief and loss and how to help the survivor understand and engage in the grief process, practice self-care, eradicate self-destructive behaviors, write letters to grief and other healing rituals. We will also teach caregivers the art of transformative prayer with and for the survivor that will bring about spiritual resuscitation.

The ABC’s of Working with Abused & Exploited Children – Saturday, June 10 @ 1PM (EST)
Whenever children have been the victims of abuse, exploitation, displacement and violence, it causes severe trauma and disrupts their normal stages of development. This course will assist those who work with children to identify and respond appropriately to the behaviors associated with abuse and exploitation. Whether caregivers are working with street children, school children, or leading a children’s ministry at church or in the community, this workshop will help caregivers to know the signs to look for when working with abused children and youth, steps to help protect minors in abusive situations, and what to do when there’s inappropriate behavior between adult and minors at your church, community or school setting.