Pray and Act Project

A collaborative partnership between LegacyMakers International (501c3) and Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network (GBPAN)

Vision Statement: A collaborative partnership to create learning communities that become missional communities.

Mission Statement: To train short-term and long-term caregivers in the art of transformative prayer and crisis intervention for those who have survived abuse and/or exploitation.

To support through transformative prayer and crisis intervention those who have been the victims of various types of abuse (psychological, physical, spiritual, socio-economic, sexual) and /or exploitation.

Description: Even with our technological and social advancements in the 21st century, we live in a nation and world rampant with abuse, exploitation and victimization. Whether it’s psychological, physical, spiritual, socio-economic, or sexual abuse, it particularly targets the most vulnerable—women, children and the poor and often results in homelessness and displacement, human trafficking, family breakdown, trauma, stress and a variety of other societal ills. How is God calling us to respond to those within our communities dealing with these personal crises? He is calling us to pray and act. When we pray for and with others, God not only brings healing and restoration, he often empowers us to further intervene on their behalf. When prayer and action meets a crisis, history proves that it results in a life, a community, and even a nation transformed.

Who Can Join These Trainings?
These is no prerequisite or credentials that one needs to join these trainings, except a love for people—particularly women, children and the poor—who have been the victims of abuse and exploitation; a heart for prayer; and a strong passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.

Although these online trainings primarily focus on giving short-term and long-term caregivers the tools they need to pray and act, the ultimate intention is that through these trainings, community development work, local and international missions projects, and humanitarian efforts would be initiated, informed, supported and/or sustained

The Art of Transformative Prayer

What is transformative prayer? Transformative prayer are prayers that are prayed with or for individuals that bring about personal healing and transformation that, in turn, affect transformation in the individual’s family and/or community. This workshop will teach the prayer facilitator how to operate in the gift of discernment, create a safe space, help the survivor tell their story, promote the healing of past memories, engage in prophetic intercession (calling persons into their true identity in Christ) and assist individuals to envision a new future through life coaching.


The Basics of Human Trafficking and Exploitation

The first step in understanding our role to help end injustices such as human trafficking is to understand the basics. In this workshop, caregivers will learn what human trafficking and/or exploitation is, the different types, and what it looks like in different places, the systems that spawn human trafficking, and ways to intervene to break the vicious cycle of abuse and exploitation. The goal is that caregivers will be empowered, equipped and motivated to take the necessary steps to help those affected by human trafficking and exploitation.


Supporting Others Through Change and Transition

Whether it is homelessness, divorce, relocation, or leaving a situation of abuse and exploitation, change—even good change—often creates trauma, stress, fear, depression, anger and potentially new crises. Change and transition means that one has to leave the familiar and live in the “new normal,” which often requires new coping skills or survival mechanisms. This workshop will teach first responders and caregivers effective crisis intervention strategies and transformative prayer engagement that will empower survivors to manage their new crises and challenges in such a way that they are able to respond rather than merely react in their “new normal,” and begin to view their crises as opportunities for growth and transformation.

Download links to trainings:

The Art of Transformative Prayer
The Basics of Human Trafficking and Exploitation
Supporting Others Through Change and Transition